LED Lighting Services

Innovative LED Lighting Solutions

Modern, Energy-Efficient LED Lighting For Homes, Businesses, and Industries

Aspire Electric distinguishes itself through its specialization in LED lighting installations and repairs, illuminating spaces with energy-efficient brilliance. With a keen focus on innovative lighting solutions, Aspire integrates cutting-edge LED technology to transform environments while offering reliable repair services to ensure sustained light levels—ultimately presenting cost-effective solutions.


Residential Solutions

Aspire delivers LED lighting solutions to brighten the modern, energy-efficient home.

  • LED Lighting Installations

  • LED Lighting Repairs

  • LED Lighting Upgrades

  • LED Lighting Maintenance

Commercial Solutions

Aspire provides LED lighting solutions to provide the illumination needed to stay productive.

  • Fixture Installations + Repairs + Upgrades

  • Lighting Controls

  • Interior + Exterior

  • Energy Audits

  • Return on Investment Report

  • Parking Lot + Canopy + Wall Pack Lighting


Industrial Solutions

Aspire provides lighting solutions to factory, warehousing and agricultural spaces, ensuring productivity and safety for employees.

  • HID High Bay Repair + Replacement + LED conversion

  • High Output LED lighting

  • Interior + Exterior

  • Energy Audits

  • Return on Investment Report

  • LED Lighting Installations

    Aspire specializes in installing various LED lighting solutions, for homes, businesses and industries.

  • get repairs from aspire electric

    Retrofitting Services

    Aspire assesses existing lighting sytems and recommends LED retrofit solutions, replacing outdated fixtures and lamps with energy-efficient alternatives.

  • remodeling services are provided by aspire electric

    Repair + Maintenance

    Aspire diagnoses and repairs issues with LED lighting systems, such as addressing flickering lights, burnt-out LEDs, or faulty wiring connections to restore functionality.

  • aspire electric offers commercial and industrial wiring

    Energy Audits

    Aspire conducts comprehensive energy audits of residential and commercial spaces to evaluate lighting usage and recommend LED upgrades to save energy.

  • Customized LED Lighting Design

    Aspire collaborates with clients to create tailored LED lighting designs that match the aesthetic and functional requirements of the space, providing illumination and ambiance.

  • aspire electric offers ev charging station installation

    Smart Lighting

    Aspire integrates smart lighting controls, such as dimmers, timers, motion sensors, and remote access systems, enabling users to customize settings for convenience and security.


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